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our teachers assist toddlers in:


  • Developing a positive sense of self

  • Becoming comfortable with language and literacy

  • ​Developing basic self-help skills

  • Socializing by engaging in parallel and co-operative play

  • Strengthening fine motor skills

  • Developing balance, coordination and large motor skills building on cognitive skills.

Toddler development

Each child is amazingly unique and will reach their developmental milestones when they are ready. Children ages 16 – 32 months learn best when they feel comfortable, safe, secure and confident in their ability to take on new challenges. Play, exploration, observation and processing information at their own pace are all important to toddler's development.

In our program, toddlers have many opportunities throughout the day to explore their world inside and outside of the classroom. They will build on concepts introduced in our infant program with an emphasis on strengthening their social, emotional, physical, cognitive/vocabulary and language skills. Toddlers will have opportunities to participate in a series of stimulating, explorative activities as part of our daily routine. 

Toddler curriculum 

Creative Curriculum for Toddlers and Twos facilitates learning in all areas of toddlers' development, including social and emotional, cognitive/ intellectual, physical and wellness, creative expression, language and literacy. creative curriculum encourages toddlers to be creative explorers, independent thinkers and active learners. 

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Toddler possession rules, I recommend you lear them.

16  - 32 months