Preschool Program

Children ages 34 months to 5 years old

Preschooler Development:
Preschooler age children follow their own individual developmental patterns, which may vary greatly among children. Children ages 34 months -5 learn best when they:

  • Feel safe and secure in their environment.
  • Can connect what they are learning with

        past experiences and current interests.

  • Have opportunities to explore and play.
  • Privided with active learning opportunities
  • Have materials and equipment that will spark their interest.

How Our Program Facilitates Development:
Our Preschool Program teaches foundational cognitive, physical, social, emotional and language skills aligned with the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress and state standards for early childhood education. Children will build on what they have learned in our toddler program, adding letter-sound relationships, sight word recognition, rhyming and basic mathematical functions. Children will also build on their knowledge of character, values and good citizenship.                 

Teachers Facilitate Learning and Encourage Preschoolers in:

  • Developing critical thinking skills        
  • Understanding and expressing emotions appropriately
  • Expressing self though creative art   
  • Thinking and exploring independently
  • Being curious about the world around us
  • Practicing reasoning and problem-solving
  • Practicing self help and good citizenship skills
  • Strengthening fine and gross motor skills
  • Strengthening language and literacy skills.