We strongly believe that:

  • Children learn best when all their needs are met and they feel happy and healthy. 
  • Each child reaches their developmental milestones and learns at their own pace, at their own time and from their special perception of the world. 
  • At this stage of a child's development, learning takes place through play, meaningful activities and positive interaction with peers and compassionate adults. 


Our mission is to provide children with the highest quality childcare and community-focused early learning experiences.

We are committed to:​

  • Embracing individual uniqueness

  • Nurturing a positive self concept

  • Assisting in building secure, trusting relationships

  • Inspiring children’s natural desire to play, explore, discover and learn. ​

Our centers are designed based on our understanding that the early years of a child’s life are the most critical in their development. During this early childhood stage, children are rapidly absorbing everything they can from their experiences, their environment and the people around them. Studies show that children's success in physical, cognitive and language development depend on their healthy social and emotional development in the early years. ​

Our teachers are chosen for their ability to nurture, provide individualized attention, and respond to your child with kind words and a reassuring smile. We will build a trusting partnership between you and your child's teacher that will continue as your child grows and his/her developmental needs change. We will work with you to develop a daily schedule that meets the individual needs of your child.