curious babies

we nurture and encourage: 


  • Positive attachment and relationship building

  • Language acquisition 

  • Sense of self 

  • Sensory awareness 

  • Motor/physical development 

  • Visual tracking 

  • Self-help skills and much more!

Infant development

Children in general grow and learn best when they feel safe and secure. Infants develop trust and a sense of security when they know their teacher will be there to comfort, assist, nurture and respond consistently to meet their needs.

At Learning to Grow we focus on nurturing, safety, security and providing an engaging learning environment for your baby. Our teachers are always holding, soothing, cuddling and interacting with babies throughout the day. We support babies’ development and acquisition of new skills through the introductions of sign language, spoken language, stories, songs and other stimulating activities that incorporate the natural routines of having their daily needs met

floor time

    Learning to grow Academy 

Our individualized infant care is what sets us apart from other centers. Your child's first experience at a childcare facility should be a uniques and pleasant experience. 

Infant curriculum 

Bright Baby infant curriculum assists our teachers in developing purposeful interaction and experiences that promote brain development and stimulate infants across all domains; Physical, emotional, social, language and intellectual.

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6 weeks -16 months