Our Curriculum

Learning to Grow Academy uses research-based curricula and assessment tools that are aligned with the Minnesota Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIP). The early learning principles behind these indicators are the foundation of our academic programs. Our main curriculum tools are Bright Baby for children younger than a year old and Creative Curriculum for children over a year old. Our assessment tool focus on your child’s strengths and provide a picture of their emerging skills in each of the developmental areas. We schedule parent teacher conferences twice per year in which we share information on your child's progress and emerging skills.

Our programs and teachers meet each child where they are, providing guidance and support as they grow. We will introduce your child to a variety of developmentally appropriate early learning experiences that will promote their natural curiosity, desire to explore, play and learn. 

We are committed to nurturing your child's natural strengths,while encouraging them to see the world around them with wonder and awe. The activities and environment we provide will assist with the development of cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills. 

Creative Curriculum

6 weeks-1 year old Curriculum

Baby's first year is an exciting time with lots of exploration and discovery. Research shows that engaging infants in interactive experiences build brain connections. Bright Baby curriculum provides interaction and experiences for infants that help with promoting infant's brain development. 

Bright Baby curriculum is organized around themed kits that actively engage and stimulate infants across all domains of infant development; physical, emotional, social, language and intellectual. Activities in each kit are designed to help infants develop a wide variety of skills. Click here for sample curriculum cards. 

1 year and older Curriculum

Our Creative Curriculum is designed to help teachers plan and implement developmentally appropriate activities that support active learning and promote your child’s progress in developmental areas at their own pace. This curriculum encourages children to be creative explorers, independent thinkers and active learners.

Our Creative Curriculum facilitates learning in all areas of children's development, including:

  • Social and Emotional
  • Cognitive/ Intellectual
  • Physical and Wellness 
  • Creative Expression
  • Language and Literacy

Bright Baby Curriculum